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Montgomery County, Maryland Votes to Restrict Lawn Care Pesticides

Toxics and HealthTimothy WhitehouseComment

Montgomery County, Maryland voted 6-3 to restrict the use of lawn pesticides on county-owned and private lawns on October 6, becoming the first county in the U.S. to pass such a measure. Bill 52-14 will take effect July, 2016 on County-owned property and January, 2018 on private property.

Bill 52-14 aims to protect public health and the environment by stopping the use of pesticides that are carcinogenic, suspected of being carcinogenic, or that are endocrine disrupters on private and public lawns in the county.

Montgomery County Councilmembers stated that local government should step in to protect the public’s health. Montgomery Parks will have until 2020 to develop a plan to eliminate pesticide use on playing fields. Learn more.