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Roadmap to Maryland's Clean Energy Future?

Climate Change and EnergyTimothy WhitehouseComment

Maryland's Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reductions Act (GGRA) is up for reauthorization in 2016. 

The law requires Maryland to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 25 percent by 2020 from a 2006 baseline. It also establishes a framework for many other Maryland clean energy programs, such as EmPOWER Maryland and a program that sets targets for per capita electricity consumption.

Chesapeake PSR strongly supports reauthorization of the GGRA. The GGRA provides the legal and policy framework for the state to rapidly develop and implement Maryland clean and renewable energy policies to reduce greenhouse gases.

Chesapeake PSR also is urging the state to adopt long-term climate goals. Ultimately, the state needs to fundamentally transform the way we use energy to power our entire economy. This won't happen overnight, and that is why we urge the state to use the renewal of the GGRA to set forth a vision for dramatically reducing greenhouse gases by 2050.