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Lawsuit seeks to overturn restrictions on non-essential lawn pesticides

Toxics and HealthLydia SullivanComment

Chesapeake PSR is part of a coalition aiming to preserve the restrictions on the use of certain toxic non-essential pesticides on Montgomery County, Md. public and private property. A pesticide industry lobbying group has filed a lawsuit opposing the Healthy Lawns Act, passed by the Montgomery County Council in 2015. Lawn care chemicals are linked to cancers, ADHD and asthma.

The coalition calls upon Montgomery County to "vigorously defend" the pioneering act "to protect the health of Montgomery County residents and workers." Read the press release from Safe Grow Montgomery.

"Preserving local jurisdictions' democratic authority on pesticides laws is critical for communities throughout Maryland to be able to address public health concerns and unique environmental issues at the local level," says Ling Tan of the Sierra Club.

The lawsuit was filed by the pesticide industry group Responsible Industry for Sound Environment and local partners seeking to overturn the restrictions. "The suit hinges on a dubious claim of preemption by Maryland law that was already refuted by extensive analysis from the county legal staff at the time the Healthy Lawns Act, Bill 52-14, was passed by a county council supermajority," said Alex Stavitsky-Zeineddin of Safe Grow Montgomery. 

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