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Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reductions Act passes in Maryland

Climate Change and EnergyLydia SullivanComment

The Maryland General Assembly has passed what is being called one of the most ambitious state greenhouse gas reduction plans in the nation. The reauthorization of the Maryland Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Act (GGRA) will mandate a 25 percent reduction in greenhouse emissions by 2020, with a 40 percent reduction by 2030 from the 2006 baseline. The GGRA was a reauthorization of the 2009 act.

Chesapeake PSR testified in favor of the bill, citing concerns over health and environmental impacts of climate change: “Higher temperatures are an increasing problem in our urban areas, where they aggravate the already severe health impacts of air pollution on children and the elderly, particularly in low-income communities,” said Sara Via, PhD, a University of Maryland biology professor and lead on Chesapeake PSR's Climate Health Action Team.

Sponsored by Prince George’s County Delegate Paul Pinsky, the GGRA reauthorization passed the House of Delegates 97-39 and has been sent to Governor Larry Hogan, who will sign the bill into law on April 4, 2016.