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Ban fracking in Maryland

Climate Change and Energy, Fracking in MarylandTimothy WhitehouseComment

Maryland is currently set to allow permits to be issued for unconventional gas development and production (UGDP), commonly referred to as "fracking," in October 2017. To stop this from happening, Chesapeake PSR has launched a sign on letter asking Governor Larry Hogan, Senate President Thomas V. "Mike" Miller, and Speaker of the House Michael Busch to support legislation in the Maryland General Assembly in 2017 that would prevent fracking from beginning in Maryland.  

If you are a public health professional, health care provider, or researcher, please sign this letter if you believe that fracking should not be permitted in Maryland.

The lifecycle processes involved in unconventional gas development and production, from drilling and fracking to processing, storage, transportation, and end-use, all result in toxic releases to air, water, and soil. It is not surprising therefore that the vast majority of the over 700 peer-reviewed scientific studies suggest that high-volume hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, poses threats to human health and safety via contamination of air, water and soil.  

New York has banned fracking, as have several nations (including Germany, Scotland and France), based largely on the emerging information about public health and environmental damage. The health community in Maryland is a respected voice that can play an important role in protecting Maryland residents. Please sign this letter if you agree that the risks of unconventional gas development outweigh potential benefits to our state, and therefore this process should not be permitted in Maryland.

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