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Chesapeake PSR issues two papers on fracking in Maryland

Climate Change and Energy, Fracking in MarylandLydia SullivanComment

Chesapeake PSR has published two health and energy briefs on how fracking in Maryland harms health and the environment. 

The Health Effects of Fracking summarizes some of the peer-reviewed studies that link proximity to fracking operations to premature births and low birth weights, asthma, migraines, increased hospitalizations and other serious health harms: "A growing body of scientific information suggests that unconventional gas development and production (UGDP), commonly referred to as 'fracking,' has a broad array of negative impacts, ranging from adverse climate effects to earthquakes to community disruption to contamination of air, water and soil. These contaminants can then enter the human body through skin contact, respiration or ingestion, potentially leading to a wide range of health harms."

Regulations Cannot Protect Maryland discusses how the complex lifecycle of fracking, industry secrecy and misinformation, and knowledge gaps make regulations inadequate to protect the public from the health, climate and environmental harms of the dangerous practice: "Due to the complexities of unconventional gas development and production, the inherent technical and scientific limitations, and the fragmented and incomplete nature of the regulatory process, no regulatory framework can adequately protect public health and the environment over time."

We are actively working in the 140-group Don't Frack Maryland coalition to ban the dangerous practice of fracking in the current Maryland General Assembly session.


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