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Offshore wind hearings to be held in Maryland

Climate Change and EnergyTimothy WhitehouseComment

Proposed offshore wind projects off the coast of Maryland will be the subject of two public meetings held by the Public Service Commission (PSC). The first meeting is on Saturday, Mar. 25, at noon at the Stephen Decatur Middle School in Berlin. The second is on Thursday, Mar. 30, at 6 p.m. in the Joint Committee Hearing Room of the Legislative Services Building in Annapolis.

The first proposal, by US Wind, is a 750-megawatt offshore wind project off the coast of Ocean City. The project calls for 187 turbines to be built across 80,000 acres. The entire project would be completed by 2022. The second proposal, by Skipjack Offshore Energy, calls for the 15-turbine, 120-megawatt project that would also be operational by 2022. US Wind's proposal would be enough energy to power about 500,000 homes.

Chesapeake PSR supports increasing clean, renewable energy and supports offshore wind as an important part of Maryland's Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS). Download Chesapeake PSR Climate Health Action Team co-lead Alfred Bartlett, MD's PowerPoint on offshore wind.

The PSC is expected to make a decision by mid-May.

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