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Event on taking steps to prevent nuclear war

Peace and Social JusticeTimothy WhitehouseComment

November 2018 at Goucher. More than 100 people attended Two Minutes to Midnight - What We Can Do to Prevent Nuclear War, an event sponsored by Chesapeake PSR and other Maryland groups to encourage activism on preventing nuclear war. Chesapeake PSR President Gwen DuBois, MD, and other speakers talked about increased nuclear risks in the age of Trump, and presented steps citizens can take at the national, state and local levels to reduce the risk of nuclear “modernization” and nuclear war.

For more information, please read the event program. The following are videos of some of the presentations:
Ira Helfand, Back From the Brink
Vincent Intondi, Intersection of Race and Nuclear Weapons
Daryl Kimball, Nuclear Risk Reduction 
Ray Acheson, Your Role in the Effort to Abolish Nuclear Weapons

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