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Lead poisoning in Maryland
Lead poisoning remains a serious problem in Baltimore

Mapping blood lead levels in Maryland

In Baltimore, lead (Pb) poisoning affects thousands of children. Lead exposure is a public health crisis in Baltimore city. 

As part of our policy work, we wondered how the blood lead levels (BLL) in children in specific Baltimore neighborhoods compared to the levels of children in Montgomery and Prince George’s counties. From information provided to us by Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE), we developed detailed maps of blood lead levels in children 0-72 months by census tracts (below) and found shocking disparities between blood lead levels in Baltimore city and the two counties. 

Comparing blood lead levels in Baltimore City, Prince George's County and Montgomery County:


(Chart) Blood lead levels in Baltimore by census tract.

(Infographic) Lead exposure in Baltimore city neighborhoods

Childhood blood lead surveillance (2015) in Maryland, a report of MDE.

Lead air emissions in Baltimore