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2017 Virginia Newsletters

Early November 2017 - November 14, Climate and Public Health in Central Virginia (Richmond); and November 16, Your Home, Your Yard - Steps You Can Take to Lower Your Carbon Footprint (Vienna)

October 2017 Newsletter - Upcoming events in Virginia: October 26, Health Implications of Energy Choices in Virginia (Roanoke); November 14, Climate and Public Health in Central Virginia (Richmond); and November 16, Your Home, Your Yard - Steps You Can Take to Lower Your Carbon Footprint (Vienna); sign our petition on removing Virginia's anti-competitive solar policies.

Mid-October - Help us organize and mobilize to support a transition to a clean energy economy in Virginia.

Late September 2017 - Sign our petition urging the Virginia General Assembly to support efforts to reign in Virginia's anti-competitive solar policies.

September 2017 - Welcoming Virginia to Chesapeake PSR, our new Virginia webpage, sign a petition to stop Virginia's anti-competitive solar regulations, Virginia activists fighting the Mountain Valley Pipeline and Atlantic Coast Pipeline, special request for donations to build Virginia efforts on climate and energy.

2017 Maryland Newsletters

Late October 2017 - Event reminder for November 9 event in Baltimore at MedChi: Understanding the Health Consequences in Maryland of Electricity Produced From Fossil Fuels.

Mid-October - Help us amplify the historic Nobel Peace Prize win of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) by supporting our critical work to eliminate nuclear weapons from the face of the Earth.  

Early October 2017 - October 7 event reminder: Speaker Training: The Humanitarian Case for Eliminating Nuclear Weapons, a hands-on, small-group speaker training to become a messenger to inform citizens about public health pathways to nuclear disarmament

Early October 2017 - Donate to help us organize and mobilize to protect Maryland health.

Early October 2017 - October 5 event reminder: Your Home, Your Yard - Steps You Can Take to Lower Your Carbon Footprint. An event sharing the latest climate science and the urgency of climate action - and sharing small steps homeowners can take to make a big difference, from making a home more energy efficient to maintaining healthy soils

September 2017 - Newsletter: Sign our petition urging Maryland to strengthen rules on toxic coal-fired power plant water discharge; petition urging Maryland congressional delegation to support efforts to ban nuclear weapons, pass nuclear first strike legislation and ban nuclear weapons funding; welcoming Virginia to Chesapeake PSR; events on coal-fired plant waste, reducing carbon footprints at home and speaker training for eliminating nuclear weapons; Maryland groups celebrate and seek to improve RGGI 30 percent power plant emissions reduction.

Mid-September 2017 - Two Montgomery County events: September 27 hearing on Dickerson power plant water emissions, and October 5 event on lowering carbon footprint at home.

Early September 2017 - Hold the dates for two Maryland events: October 5 workshop on steps to lowering your carbon footprint at home, October 7 speaker training on eliminating nuclear weapons.

August 2017 - Newsletter: Chesapeake PSR joins two challenges to Scott Pruitt's EPA on coal-fired power plant water pollution and upwind air pollution; warnings and hope after the U.N. nuclear weapons treaty vote; Governor Hogan and strengthening RGGI; court overturns Montgomery County lawn pesticide law; and PSR's pediatric environmental toolkit.

July 2017 - Newsletter: 122 nations ban nuclear weapons, Chesapeake PSR delivers RGGI letter, Maryland's AG Frosh challenges EPA's Pruitt on chlorpyrifos, new study and NEJM article show need for tighter air pollution regulations, Chesapeake PSR Annual Report 2016 (download) highlights our growth, Hiroshima/Nagasaki commemorations. 

Early July 2017 - Sign a health professional letter asking Maryland Governor Larry Hogan to support the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI).

June 2017 - Newsletter: Nuclear weapons ban treaty negotiations now in New York, Chesapeake PSR joins second lawsuit against EPA on coal-fired power, health professionals notice increase in pests and human disease associated with climate change, City of Baltimore issues climate resolution urging aggressive polices to combat U.S. withdrawal from Paris Climate Agreement, Maryland Climate Coalition issues statement on U.S. withdrawal from Paris Climate Agreement, Governor Larry Hogan rejects Cove Point safety study, and a new blog from Chesapeake PSR's Sara Via, PhD.

May 2017 - Newsletter: Chesapeake PSR joins EPA lawsuit over coal-fired power pollution rollback, Chesapeake PSR supports Montgomery County pesticides law, Maryland offshore wind advances, annual dinner recap: no nuclear first-strike, Maryland fracking ban webinar, RGGI, and Chesapeake PSR speaks on lead poisoning prevention in Maryland.

Early May 2017 - Chesapeake PSR joins other groups in suing Scott Pruitt's EPA over rollbacks of protections for cleaning up toxic water pollution from coal power plant waste.

Mid-April 2017 - Join Chesapeake PSR at the March for Science in Annapolis on Saturday, April, 22, 2017. Chesapeake PSR's Gwen DuBois, MD, MPH, and others will speak on how to protect science from the Trump administration's war on science.

April 2017 - Newsletter: How do we protect science in the age of the Trump war on science? It's up to us. News on the big fracking ban win, upcoming offshore wind decisions by the PSC, climate and science marches, pesticides in Montgomery County, our legislative testimony on lead and other issues, and two upcoming events on climate and health and nuclear weapons.

March 2017 - Newsletter: Things are moving quickly in Annapolis. News on the big rally to ban fracking in Maryland, good and bad fracking bills, new PSC hearings on offshore wind, blood lead levels in Maryland and Baltimore City, our April 15 annual dinner speaker on nuclear weapons, and a map of our members.

February 2017 - Newsletter: All eyes on Annapolis. Competing fracking bills in the Maryland Senate, overturn of Governor Hogan's Clean Energy Jobs Act veto, protecting power customers from shut off, Nobel laureates and nuclear weapons ban, Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) health benefits, and a map of our members. 

End of January 2017 - Newsletter: Why we resist the Trump agenda: Nuclear weapons on hair trigger alert, overturning of the renewable energy veto, energy efficiency and EmPOWER in Maryland, President Dr. Gwen DuBois's testimony on prohibiting lead and mercury truck wheel weights, rally in Annapolis to ban fracking, FDA position on lead in lipstick and externally applied cosmetics, Dr. Sara Via's interview on the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), Dr. Al Bartlett's op-ed on the health impacts of banning fracking and passing the Clean Energy Jobs Act.

Late January - Final push to ban fracking in Maryland, actions health professionals and non-health professionals can take to support a ban on fracking, Chesapeake PSR issue papers on the health effects of fracking and why fracking regulations cannot protect Maryland.

Mid-January 2017 - Pushing back against the Trump agenda: a schedule of ways you can get involved.

January 2017 - Newsletter: Legislative agenda: ban fracking in Maryland, override clean energy veto, codify EmPOWER, keep antibiotics working, reduce lead poisoning, prohibit lead and mercury in wheel weights, protect pollinators by limiting neonicotinoids, study and make recommendations on the pesticide atrazine, provide paid family medical leave, support the use of assistance programs at farmers' markets.

2016 Maryland newsletters

December 2016 - Newsletter: Scott Pruitt at EPA, lawn pesticides, why fracking regulations can't protect Maryland, Chesapeake PSR intervening in offshore wind, climate change and health, protecting Maryland from fossil fuel pollution, overriding Governor Hogan's veto of Clean Energy Jobs Act.

November 2016 - Newsletter: After Trump, fracking and earthquakes, antibiotic resistance, lead workshops, reducing carbon emissions, Clean Energy Jobs Act.

October 2016 - Newsletter: Lead workshops, health effects of fracking, banning fracking in Maryland, climate and children's health, oil trains in Baltimore, health sign-on letters on fracking and renewable energy.

September 2016 - Newsletter: Neonicotinoids and bees, offshore wind, banning fracking, clean energy, lead workshops, coal-fired power, EmPOWER energy efficiency.

August 2016 - Newsletter: Health sign-on letter supporting RGGI greenhouse reduction, offshore wind, supporting a fracking ban in Maryland, commemorating Hiroshima and Nagasaki, EPA failure to respond on coal-fired power, revisiting atrazine.

July 2016 - Newsletter: Community solar in Maryland, comments on fracking regulations, SO2 pollution, lawn pesticides, Chesapeake PSR's new president Dr. Gwen DuBois, press, antibiotics resistance (superbugs) and farms, energy efficiency, RGGI, commemorating Hiroshima-Nagasaki.

June 2016 - Opposing Fracking in Maryland

May 2016 - Newsletter: Legislative outcomes: Reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GGRA), Clean Energy Jobs Act, dirty energy sources in renewable energy portfolio, Maryland green bank, disclosing fracking chemicals, fracking liability and disclosure, protecting pollinators (neonicotinoids), diesel trucks, lead and mercury in truck wheels, farms and antibiotics overuse, solitary confinement, paid sick leave.

April 2016 Newsletter: Legislative update, Maryland General Assembly: greenhouse gas reduction (GGRA), Maryland Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS), protecting bees and pollinators (neonicotinoids). Nuclear accountability. Our workshop on climate change and public health.

March 2016 Newsletter: Maryland General Assembly update, greenhouse gas reduction (GGRA), Fukushima meltdown commemoration, workshop on climate and the practice of medicine, zero waste speaker at annual dinner, emergency response to nuclear attack.

January 2016 - Newsletter: Legislative agenda: renewing greenhouse reduction (GGRA), renewing Maryland Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS), protecting bees from neonicotinoid pesticides, toxic pollution in low-income communities, agricultural antibiotics overuse, paid sick leave.

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