Chesapeake PSR

Peace and Social Justice

Chesapeake PSR's history is rooted in peace and social justice activism of individuals working to influence social, political and environmental change. 

Chesapeake PSR's work on peace and social justice in Maryland and Virginia extends beyond climate change and energy, and toxic pollutionOur members have been involved in a number of important issues, such as preventing the use or spread of nuclear weapons and nuclear power, ending the death penalty in Maryland, addressing gun violence and reducing defense expenditures in order to reinvest those savings in our communities.

Currently, we are pushing to make Maryland's government more transparent, to address issues related to income inequality and to support national Physicians for Social Responsibility's (PSR) efforts to work toward the elimination of nuclear weapons and to stop the spread of nuclear power. Please sign our petition to Maryland's congressional delegation urging them to take steps toward the elimination of nuclear weapons.