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Support a Strong RGGI Program for Climate Action (closed)

Update: This petition is closed and the letter was delivered to Governor Larry Hogan on July 13, 2017. With things spinning out of control in Washington, we are asking you to tell Governor Larry Hogan to support the strongest possible plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI). RGGI is a program that caps and reduces greenhouse gas emissions in nine Northeastern states, including Maryland. Did you know Maryland has a goal of reducing carbon pollution 40 percent from 2005 levels by 2030? Governor Hogan signed off on this legislation last year. But Maryland will not meet that goal unless it works with other states to strengthen the RGGI program. We are concerned that without strong public pressure, Maryland’s goal of reducing greenhouse gases by 40 percent will be just another broken promise. Sign a citizens' letter to let Governor Hogan know that you support the strongest possible RGGI program, and that he should too. 

Please read and sign our letter to Governor Hogan in support of strong climate action.

Support Offshore Wind in Maryland (closed)

Update: This petition is closed and was delivered to the PSC in April 2017. The Maryland Public Service Commission (PSC) has scheduled public hearings in late March on two proposals for offshore wind projects in an area off the Maryland coast. The PSC must approve any offshore wind proposal. Unfortunately, some PSC commissioners have been vocal opponents of offshore wind. By signing the petition, you can help lift up our collective voice to ensure that Maryland does not lose out on the thousands of family-supporting jobs, economic growth, and countless health benefits that will come from developing clean energy through offshore wind.

Please read our petition in support of offshore wind here.

Our letter to support a Maryland fracking ban (closed)

Update: In early March 2017 we delivered a letter from over 220 doctors, nurses, researchers and other public health professionals who have signed on to our health professionals letter asking Maryland leaders to enact a fracking ban. If the Maryland General Assembly does not ban fracking, the state may begin issuing drilling permits in October 2017. 

Read the statement by the Chesapeake PSR Board in support of a fracking ban.

Our letter to support a veto override of Clean Energy Jobs Act of 2016 (closed)

Update: On February 2, 2017, the Senate joined the House of Delegates in voting to override the Clean Energy Jobs Act. The Clean Energy Jobs Act is now law in Maryland. The act will increase Maryland’s Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS), committing Maryland to receive 25 percent of its electricity from renewable sources by 2020—an increase from the current goal of 20 percent by 2022. Maryland not only meets its RPS targets every year, but also has exceeded renewable energy goals nine years in a row with falling renewable energy prices. The health value of these achievements is significant. Our letter supporting an override is here.