Chesapeake PSR


Chesapeake Physicians for Social Responsibility's (Chesapeake PSR) success depends on the work of volunteers like you. 

Chesapeake PSR volunteers work to bring the health voice to the important issues of our time. They have, for example, helped form and manage Concerned Health Professionals of Maryland. Our volunteers have also lobbied and testified for more stringent air pollution controls on coal-fired power plants and incinerators in Maryland and have been effective educators and advocates for clean, renewable energy in Maryland.

Our volunteers have also worked to promote civil liberties, prevent the use or spread of nuclear weapons, and reduce defense expenditures in order to reinvest those savings in our communities. Read more about Chesapeake PSR's positions.

Want to get involved?

Please contact:

Tim Whitehouse, Chesapeake PSR Executive Director

325 East 25th St.
Baltimore, MD, 21218